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Buying a gift voucher for someone who loves singing or is a musician or band is easy and the perfect gift that lasts a lifeftime.

Simply buy the music recording experience you want. We'll do the rest.

When you buy any music recording package from us you will receive a voucher that stays valid for 12 months.

You simply give this voucher to the person you are gifting it too and they can attend one of touring sessions or home sessions throughout the South West.

How do they find out what locations are available? One way is to sign up to our email newsletter. Here we notify of new locations every month. Or they can visit our 'Touring Locations' page on our website at anytime.

Once they decide which location they want to join they simply book it via our website. We confirm their booking and they are their way to an amazing music recording experience.

Should your gift receiver not want to have a music recording session at one of our touring locations, and desire to have a home recording session at their home, then they can use the gift voucher you bought them towards the cost of this.

Home recording sessions are more expensive than our touring sessions.

Have more questions? Get in contact.